My new ride – The Canyon Ultimate Al with Ultegra Di2

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This is my new bike. I’ve had it a couple of weeks now and felt it was about time to talk about it.  There have been many reviews of the Ultimate Al online ( such as here) but I wanted to write about the bike from an amateur’s perspective.

Canyon only sell online, unless you go to their showroom in Koblenz. Most people won’t be able to do that so the chances are, you’re sitting at home, like I was, thinking, do I buy online? What’s the bike actually like?

The frames are a standard sizing and design. There are no squiggly lines or unproven technology as there are with certain Italian bike manufacturers. If you follow the Canyon size calculator, I would personally say that you’re not taking much risk in buying online. I’m 6ft2 and I bought the XL. It fits me perfectly.

I bought mine from their Outlet.  The Canyon Outlet sells bikes that have had minimal use, such as for a test ride. After placing my order, I did momentarily think, Oh God, have I done the right thing here? What if it turns up and the frame is scratched badly? I needn’t have worried. Canyon place photographs on their website of the minimal damage to the bike so you can see in advance what you’re buying.

The bike is delivered by courier. No messing around with your useless national postal service.  My bike was packed immaculately. You immediately get the impression that Canyon know a lot about how to send out bikes.

The bike is easy to assemble but if you’re not confident about doing it yourself, it probably wouldn’t cost much to get an expert to assemble it for you.  After assembling it, I started trying to search for the small scratches on the bike. The only one I could find was a 1mm scratch on the crankset. For £350 off the total cost of the bike, I’m more than happy. Let’s face it. I’ve bought new bikes from bike shops with some small scratches on them and never been offered even a tenner off. Heck, I haven’t even been offered a free water bottle.

The spec of the bike for the money is phenomenal. The total cost of my bike was around £1,650.  I’ve seen online that some retailers will charge you somewhere very close to that for just the groupset. Canyon throw in the frame, Mavic Equipe wheels and top notch Ritchey handlebars and stem, Selle Italia saddle (admittedly a “Special Edition” but it’s still pretty comfortable), Carbon/basalt seatpost and Continental 4000 tyres. You will never find a bike specced like that anywhere for the money.

If you do choose Di2 , one of the advantages when you set it up is, if like me you’re not a bike mechanic expert, the front derailleur and rear adjust themselves automatically. Goodbye chain rub. I won’t miss you.

The bike is very comfortable to ride. I had heard that Canyon bikes have a true race set-up and may not be suitable for those doing Sportive type riding. Personally, I find the positioning very comfortable. Step on the pedals and the bike leaps forward.  Comfortable at speed, comfortable for a gentle spin. The Continental tyres are extremely grippy even in the wet.

I’ve never driven a Porsche but I would compare it to driving something similarly well-engineered. The only noise from the bike when you ride it is the spinning of the wheels and the Di2 motors as you change gear.

A standard road bike will cost you around £1,500 in the UK. If you want something better for your money and are prepared to buy it without seeing your actual frame in advance, I cannot recommend more strongly that you get a Canyon.  I am already looking at purchasing another.

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Milan San Remo 2013 Finish

World Naked Bike Ride London 2012 Part II

World Naked Bike Ride London 2012 Part I

“What’s this all about?”  This was the most common question I heard asked as I rode around.  The naked bike ride means many different things to many different people. But for me, it’s a protest against the dominance of car culture in London, and elsewhere.

The ride also happens to be a hell of a lot of fun and it was good to see familiar faces from previous rides and meet new people.  It’s funny how motorists notice us when we’re naked yet when we put on clothes,  it’s as if we’re invisible.

There seemed to be record numbers on the ride but I heard from someone who counted it was only 800. Anyone have any accurate info on that?

Many thanks to all who attended.

The nude model, fox hunting and road rage

Emily Marsh – the kung-fu fighting cyclist attacker

Lots of cycling friends commented how she looked  hot in those black leggings. All I can say Emily is, I cycle regularly in London, and anytime you want to attack me, I’m happy to give you a full detail of my movements 😉

I wonder if she’d like to come on the naked bike ride next month?

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Son of The Winds makes the *Headline* in the Mail!

Very nice bit of publicity for Lewis

Here is the full article

And the video

Nice one Lewis!