Proviz Cycling Jacket

Super high visibility jacket from Proviz featuring 4 light-emitting electroluminescent strips (2 front, 2 back)

Want to look like a character out of Star Wars as you pedal along? Have a look at this new bike jacket featured on London Cyclist’s blog today. At £57, it looks good value too. Personally, I don’t like waterproof jackets as however breathable they are , you are going to start sweating as soon as you start riding.  But if I was going to buy one, this would be one for strong consideration.

I think that over the next few years, cyclists are going to see a lot more products blending LED’s and clothing, and in other products – like the seatpost I’ve featured below.

This is the most unique product I’ve read about so far. I could see this becoming a huge fad. I wonder if the police would still pull you over for riding without lights if you were wearing a Proviz jacket?

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