Sigma Micro lights review

Sigma Micro W/R lights

The winter nights seem to have descended upon us very quickly this year and suddenly the lights I have been carrying around during the summer as a just in case have become a necessity.  Cycling lights are such a simple concept but I have got through hundreds of them. I’ve lost some, dropped others on the floor breaking them and had a few stolen from my bike when I’ve forgotten to remove them from my parked bike.

Sometimes a product is so brilliant that you feel that you have to tell someone about them. And this is one of them. They are cheap, around £6, lightweight and very user friendly. You can put them in your pocket or your bag and forget about them. Some lights which you carry about, you really feel you are lugging them about but not these.  Considering their small size, they are extremely bright. There are two settings – continous or flashing. I always use them on flash to save the battery. It’s also more noticeable. They are ideal for city riding where you don’t need to light up the way ahead, you just need to be seen. The battery life is also very long – 30+ hours.

Manufacturers often claim that products are easy to fit but you don’t find it so easy when you try. Not these. They are banally easy to fit. There is a velcro strap which holds them tightly around your seatpost and handlebars. Due to the necessity to constantly remove your lights when you park your bike, they’re really easy to strap them back on when you get back on your bike. I’ve even put a red one on my seat stay as an extra rear light.

I’ve sometimes noticed that if I’ve put one of these in my pocket, the lights have switched themselves on when you move about.  But due to their long battery life, they still go on and on.  The only disadvantage I can determine with the Sigma Micro is that some cyclists may want a stronger rear light for safety reasons. But I’ve never had any incidents of cars not noticing  me whilst using them.

VERDICT: Every cyclist should own a pair of these. They are fantastic reserve lights also.

Widely available



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