Guy Fawkes night


Stumped for a choice as to who to model your Guy Fawkes on for this weekend’s bonfire night? As a cyclist, you need look no further.  Chief of Police Jim McDonnell closed down the Long Beach Critical mass by confiscating bikes and issuing spot penalty fines to 60 cyclists.  He is a worthy choice for any bonfire this weekend.

According to the LA Times, in order to ride your bike legally in Long Beach, you have to register your bike with the City Hall and get it inspected by the Fire Department. Jesus, do they think it’s going to burst into flames or something?

Actions like Jim McDonnell’s are counter productive. Probably because he’s never set foot outside his own little world of the police service, he doesn’t actually realise that his way of dealing with what he perceives as a nuisance will only encourage a much bigger turn-out next month at the Long Beach Critical Mass. The police in London long ago realised that the best way to deal with the Mass is just let the cyclist’s get on with it. It only happens once a month and the vast majority, if not all, of the Massers are peaceful and just there to celebrate cycling.

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