How safe is your bike?

I’m heading up into the West End this afternoon on the bike. I need to lock my bike up in the Soho area. I know that while I’m in the gym, it will be in the back of my mind – is someone trying to nick my bike?

Even though I will take two locks and lock it securely, you never know how good the tools the bike thieves will be carrying. I have a very strong D lock but I’ve never had to put it to the test. I’ve heard that even if you lock your bike up so securely that it’s virtually impossible to steal it, the thief will vandalise your bike as sour grapes.

I believe the only solution to prevent your bike getting nicked is to actually take it into the store, gym or wherever you’re visiting.  Condor Cycles in Grays Inn Road has some internal bike parking. If only there were more places like this.  Businesses should be aware that if I’m considering visiting your premises to buy something, I may not come at all if I think it’s too risky to lock my bike up in your area.

I read about a cyclist who has had 5 bikes nicked during her time in London. She views it as an occupational hazard. She says she is still quids up on having to use the Tube.

What’s your view? Do you have any tricks on how to keep your bike safe?

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