An “expert” motorist gives advice to, err, cyclists

If Mike Rutherford is the Professor of Motoring at the Motoring Department at the Oxford University of Motoring, I really despair. He has written an article advising motorists on driving in the snow. He has this gem of advice for us cyclists. “Dress appropriately for harsh winter conditions. Cyclists and pedestrians should avoid black and opt for brightly coloured clothing, footwear, gloves, hats and rucksacks.” Thanks for advising us we should put warm clothing on. I wouldn’t have been able to work that one out for myself. I was planning on cycling in just shorts and a t shirt but I’ll look for a jacket now. And I’ve got news for you Mike. Most cycling clothing is black, which in the snow does stand out against a white background. I would argue it is possibly even easier to see than a fluorescent jacket, as one of the commenters has pointed out also. My winter road jacket is black, my bib tights are black, my gloves are black…..

If this is the level of knowledge of an “expert” motorist, no wonder most of the drivers in the UK have no idea how to treat cyclists on the road. Have a look at the comments. He has taken a real battering from the motorists as well.


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