Jody McIntyre

If you’ve ever needed any proof that the Met Police had something against people on two wheels, this is it! But seriously, I’m very shocked by the Metropolitan Police’s treatment of Jody.  Even if he is a young radical, he’s about as much of a physical threat as my Grandmother.  The only circumstances I could imagine it would be justifiable to drag a man from his wheelchair would be if he was holding a gun. And we know he wasn’t, so what on earth were the Police thinking? Seriously, I am very upset about this.

The interview is very moving. It brought a tear to my eye. Jody is obviously a very brave young man who has  a lot to contribute to our political thinking and I applaud him for his actions.  I wish I had half the guts he does.

Jody has a blog. Check it out HERE


One response to “Jody McIntyre

  1. The Police, thankfully and usually unimepded, have a duty of care to the public.

    Failure to follow Police instructions and exhibit behaviour determined to be a danger to themselves or others clearly wants to be treated as equal to all.

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