Boardman bikes

Boardman Team Carbon road bike - around £1000

I wandered up to the Old Kent Road yesterday afternoon and went into the large Halfords there. Even though the shop is huge, the Boardman road bikes are stacked together as if the shop doesn’t have enough room.

The bikes seem to tick all the right boxes for what I am looking for in a new bike. Attractive looking bike, SRAM groupset, good reviews and a good price. But there is something I don’t like about them which I can’t quite fathom out.  I notice that the saddle is exceptionally cheap and nasty. If I did buy one, the saddle would need to be replaced immediately. It seems strange to buy a bike and then have to change something straight off. If I am buying a bike that supposedly was priced at £1200 and is now reduced to £1000, I don’t expect to have to do that. I could accept if they put a cheapish branded saddle on it but a Boardman own brand seems a bit of a piss take to me. The brakes appear to be unbranded also.

There’s  a review of the 2009 edition HERE


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