The Camouflage Torch issue

Zefal lightweight plastic bottle holders

I used to have a flatmate who was ex-army. We were talking one day about military kit. He pointed out how many pieces of military kit were coated in DPM camouflage. It is somewhat paradoxical that a torch, which can be difficult to find in daylight, should be coated in DPM. Why would you want to camouflage a  torch?

I bought some cheapish plastic bottle carriers for my road bike. They weigh around 38 grams each. Pretty lightweight. But you can buy even more lightweight bottle carriers made out of carbon fibre. Very expensive but very light. But it seems strange why you would fork out the extra money on this item considering that as soon as you fix it to your bike, you then place a bottle full of water in it which weighs nearly a kilo. Is it really worth spending the extra money? In the meantime, I’m very happy with my Zefal plastic bottle holders that cost around £3 each.

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