The good news is that the lock comes with a key….

I have been perusing eBay looking at bike locks. I am amazed at the number of locks on that site which are being offered for sale with one key only.  You should never buy a lock with only one key. What are you going to do if you lose it and you’ve locked your bike up 10 miles from home?

I have an Oxford Magnum lock which came with 4 keys and a Kryptonite which came with 3. You will be using one key on a daily basis and should keep one key in a safe place in case it is lost. Keys sometimes wear out, or break, so the third key may well be necessary. It’s nice to have 4 for peace of mind.

I am aware that certain companies, Kryptonite for example, will replace lost keys but who wants to go through that process when you’ve just bought a lock? I’m just waiting for someone to list a lock on eBay that doesn’t even come with one key…

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