Please don’t drive into me – your co-operation would be much appreciated

I have just returned from my gym in Islington on the bike. A nice relaxing gym session. Cross trainer – 30 minutes. Worked out hard. Felt good. Headed to the sauna afterwards and chilled out. Contradiction intended. Spoke to the usual gym friends. Met one or two new ones. An enjoyable evening. I leave the gym feeling that my membership fees are worth it.

I get on my bike and am expecting a relatively easy ride back to my pad in Docklands. It’s after 1030pm and the traffic should be quiet. How wrong I could be.

Cars, white vans and camper vans accelerating hard past me, leaving 2 inches between my handlebars and their vehicle. Whilst I realise that adhering to the rule in the Highway Code that you should leave at least 6 foot between your vehicle and a cyclist in London may be difficult or near impossible, leaving more than 2 inches would be much appreciated. Especially as the roads are quiet. If you tell me that you are in a huge rush at 1030pm at night, I’m sorry but I don’t believe you.

I have written to the Secretary of State for Transport before inquiring why the requirement for the distance between a vehicle and a cyclist is merely a recommendation, not mandatory. I got a weasly worded reply. This will have to be something I will revisit in the near future. What’s your view? Are you happy that the safe distance is merely a recommendation? Because personally, I’m not. Big time. I’m furious. I want protection for all cyclists. If the Government wants everyone to cycle, they MUST make it safe. And currently it’s not. I am an experienced cyclist but I nearly got killed on the way home tonight.

I f anyone asked me tonight if I thought it was a good idea to cycle in London, my answer would be No, it’s not. Drive or take the Tube.

One response to “Please don’t drive into me – your co-operation would be much appreciated

  1. Some people I think are just of the opinion that if they don’t hit you they didn’t pass “too close”.
    I caught a great example here: I’m doing north of 20mph, it’s a dual carriageway and they have a completely clear lane next to them yet they decide to scrap past – barely even crossing the line between the lanes!
    My gestures to move over are met with confused looks…..

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