Mary Bowers

mary bowers

I’m not usually a fan of comparing sentences for different offences but I can’t help agreeing with this sentiment expressed in the comments in the report about the lorry driver who received a fine of £2.700 for running over Mary Bowers on

Deface a Rothko painting? 2 year prison sentence. Run over a cyclist with a lorry leaving them seriously injured? £2,700 fine.

When human life is put at a lower value than a piece of art ( It’s not even a very good painting – Ed.), one really has to wonder at the effectiveness of our criminal  justice system.

You can read more about what happened to Mary here.

And here’s the painting. Black on Maroon by Rothko.

Black on Maroon 1958 by Mark Rothko 1903-1970

Copyright The Tate etc. etc.

If you haven’t read about the Tate incident, there’s a summary here.


2 responses to “Mary Bowers

  1. Rick Flair's Nipple

    It seems if you want to kill someone without facing repercussions, just pop them on a bike before you do.

  2. Awful =( Absolutely awful! I’m from the USA and the laws here don’t make much sense either. For example, if you walk up and punch a complete stranger in the face, you can be put away for felony assault. But, if it’s your girlfriend/wife/female partner? A few days and a couple hundred bucks. Laws say a lot about who society does and does not value. Cyclists? Clearly not highly valued.

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