I’m 40 years old and  originally from Sussex.  I cycle in London regularly, from time to time in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, and whenever I can in Europe.

I have been cycling since I was 3 years old in 1975. I’ve lived in London off and on since 1986 but I moved here permanently in 1996.  In my opinion, the bicycle is the most perfect form of transport for getting round London.  I am constantly amazed as to why anybody would want to drive in London.  Whilst cycling around, I see cars whizz past me trying to get to the next set of red lights quicker than I can.  Invariably, I still go faster than those cars.

We are in the midst of a great cycling revolution in London. It’s certainly not perfect but, with this blog, I hope to comment on what can be done to improve the transfer from cars to bikes. I don’t want to breathe exhaust fumes from cars and I don’t want you to breathe car fumes. I certainly don’t want children to breathe carcinogenic fumes either. I believe that in a 100 years time, hopefully sooner, people will look back and think, it was slightly incredible that people drove cars in London spewing out nasty fumes into the atmosphere that inhabitants then breathed in. Think of it a bit like the smoking ban. Could you ever imagine us going a step backwards on that?

I see this website more as a pointer  rather than a comprehensive coverage of all things cycling.  It would be impossible for me to provide in-depth coverage of all cycling related news and products single-handed.  If I see anything interesting online, or that I find humorous, I post it.  Please remember that the fact that I provide a link to a story or post a video does not necessarily mean that I agree with it. I will often look to post controversial items. As they say on Twitter, “Retweet does not necessarily imply agreement”.

I welcome criticism, observations and additional information on my posts. I write this blog alone and I’m sure I miss aspects I should cover in the debate.

You may contact me on scorzatom(AT)gmail.com if you have any comments or suggestions.


2 responses to “About

  1. Nice blog! I love your coverage of the nake ride.

  2. thanks! glad you’re enjoying it. I just took the pictures hoping to get a few that summed up the spirit of the ride but on returning home, I decided to post almost all of them.

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