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The nude model, fox hunting and road rage

Emily Marsh – the kung-fu fighting cyclist attacker

Lots of cycling friends commented how she looked  hot in those black leggings. All I can say Emily is, I cycle regularly in London, and anytime you want to attack me, I’m happy to give you a full detail of my movements 😉

I wonder if she’d like to come on the naked bike ride next month?

Full story here

Norman the dog rides a bike

I guess we’ll have to let him off for using stabilisers….

Some further info here

“Foxy lady turns on a foxhunter”

H/T to for original story

The Dog Lock


Ferraris are just sooo out of fashion…

Whoever could have predicted this?

How long does it take to travel 80 miles at 80mph? A blonde girl speculates

Absolutely completely bloody brilliant.