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Milan San Remo 2013 Finish

World Naked Bike Ride London 2012 Part II

World Naked Bike Ride London 2012 Part I

“What’s this all about?”  This was the most common question I heard asked as I rode around.  The naked bike ride means many different things to many different people. But for me, it’s a protest against the dominance of car culture in London, and elsewhere.

The ride also happens to be a hell of a lot of fun and it was good to see familiar faces from previous rides and meet new people.  It’s funny how motorists notice us when we’re naked yet when we put on clothes,  it’s as if we’re invisible.

There seemed to be record numbers on the ride but I heard from someone who counted it was only 800. Anyone have any accurate info on that?

Many thanks to all who attended.

The nude model, fox hunting and road rage

Emily Marsh – the kung-fu fighting cyclist attacker

Lots of cycling friends commented how she looked  hot in those black leggings. All I can say Emily is, I cycle regularly in London, and anytime you want to attack me, I’m happy to give you a full detail of my movements 😉

I wonder if she’d like to come on the naked bike ride next month?

Full story here

Son of The Winds makes the *Headline* in the Mail!

Very nice bit of publicity for Lewis

Here is the full article

And the video

Nice one Lewis!

Triathlete juggles 3 balls during entire race

I bet he drinks Carling Black Label….