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Son of The Winds makes the *Headline* in the Mail!

Very nice bit of publicity for Lewis

Here is the full article

And the video

Nice one Lewis!


World Naked Bike Ride London 2012 Preview

If you’re searching for pictures from the June 2012 ride, click here and here.

The London World Naked Bike Ride 2012 will take place at 3pm on 9th June 2012. As usual, the start is at Hyde Park in the south eastern corner and the finish will be at Admiralty Arch. The ride is usually around 2 hours long and will be a gentle meander around the West End area. I do not know the route yet myself but will publish it here if and when it becomes available. I understand that it will be very similar to last year and a run through Covent Garden is included.

For pictures of last year’s ride and a video of the start HERE

The Facebook invite is HERE

The official wiki site is HERE

Any questions? Leave a comment.

UPDATE: Here is the route

From the WNBR Facebook page

“And here we are! The Route for London 2012.

This route is more or less finalised, although with last-minute reconnaissance, some late changes *might* be made due to roadworks or other blockages.

You’ll note from the map that we’ve included some markers for ‘Pause Points’; this is to allow the ride to regroup after traffic lights or before major junctions, and to allow for photographs. We might only stay paused for a few minutes at these points, so bear with us! We want to remain as close a ‘Critical Mass’ as possible.

We’ve hosted this map on BikeMap as it’s very popular and allows you to download the GPS files from the site, which work with GPS, iPhone and various Android applications. (The BikeMap application is free for both formats)

In the next few days we’ll be adding approximate timings to the Route Map so stay tuned.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too – @WNBRLondon for announcements in the days leading up to the ride and on the day itself.”

Route map HERE

How to make sure your bike isn’t stolen

There seems to be a lot of media coverage on bike theft and how not to get your bike stolen currently. You know it must be the summer when this happens.  Most of the advice that is given is fairly common sense stuff. But, I must admit, I do find myself almost shouting at my laptop upon learning of the mistakes other cyclists have made or at the “advice” on how you should lock your bike up. I was interested to read this article in the Grauniad which interviews a former drug dealer about his hobby of stealing any bike available. It gives you an idea of just how desperate people are to steal your bike.

So this is my advice on how not to get your bike stolen.  My first golden rule on locking your bike is try, whenever possible, not to lock your bike outside. However well you lock your bike  in the street, and even if you park it in a busy area where you hope that no thief will be brazen enough to steal it, there is always a chance that someone will try to nick it.  As in the case of James Jones’ bike, it’s not always immediately obvious that someone is stealing a bike until the last minute. How many cyclists do you see removing seatposts, front wheels or making other adjustments to their bike whilst locking it up? I always remove my seatpost  when parking it in the street. Noone has ever challenged me.

Wherever you park your bike outside, there is always a chance that someone will have a go at it. Even if they don’t manage to steal your whole bike, often kids are interested in taking a wheel or other parts for the thrill of it. If they get £5 for a part in Brick Lane, they’re satisfied.

I always, where possible, park my bike off the street. When I was working up in Islington, I managed to park my bike in a friend’s residential carpark nearby each day. If you park your bike out of sight of the thieves, you’ve won half the battle as what they don’t see, they can’t steal. However, you should still lock your bike up, even if it’s in a security carpark. The carpark I was using had some bikes stolen from it because some cyclists assumed it was completely safe and didn’t even lock their bikes.   Whilst the security guard wasn’t looking, some kids ran in and took a bike.

Many offices have an underground carpark and usually set aside an area for bike parking. If your office doesn’t, I would recommend buying a fold up bike, like a Brompton, so you can take it in with you. If you lock your bike up in the street outside every day, someone will try to steal it at some point.

When I visit friends in London, I ring them beforehand and ask them if there is a safe place to lock my bike up.  Most people are happy for you to bring your bike inside their house if it is a one off or lock it up in their garden.

If you have to lock your bike in the street, and truly have no alternative, make sure you use two good locks. However good your first lock is, you shouldn’t assume that the bike thief won’t crack it. I use two strong D locks. But probably the most important factor is time. If you lock your bike in the street, don’t leave it there for hours and hours. It will give a bike thief the opportunity if he sees it to go home, get tools and come back with all his mates to remove it.

At home, I keep my bike inside my apartment. Residential bike parking tends to be a honeytrap for bike thieves and unless the security is good, I generally don’t trust it.

You can buy a fold-up bike from Decathlon (nearest tube – Canada Water) from around £250. Other bikes available from around £100.

Brompton bikes here.